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New Premises

Posted: 31 January 2019

Over the past 5 years the services at Rephael House have increased considerably. The focus of the work has shifted in more recent years and now over 60% of our work is with children and young people up to the age of 25yrs. Issues that are addressed are varied but themes include anxiety, depression, self-harm, social difficulties and esteem issues. In part the increase in referrals to the service has stemmed from our raised profile on social media platforms and our new and improved website. However, our in-house analysis has indicated that the leading cause for the organisations increased referrals is due to word of mouth recommendations. Whilst we are delighted that people feel so positively about their experience with our organisation and are willing to tell their friends and family about us, we have become a victim of our own success as a result and presently the waiting time for our services is far longer than we would like.

To address this we took the step of initiating a relocation project back in 2017. It has been a challenging task to find an appropriate building in the Barnet area large enough and we have been looking for over a year. Last November we finally found the perfect property which has the capacity to facilitate two further therapy rooms as well as space for the necessary staffing and office area we will require. We are now in the process of securing a lease on this property which will then need a complete refurbishment to make it fit for purpose. At this stage in the proceedings it is extremely hard to predict the timescale of the relocation as there are so many variables that will have a bearing, but we are optimistic that is will take place this year; the earlier the better.

In the meantime we are doing all we can to ensure that we not only provide a high standard of therapeutic support to all our service users but that people waiting to be seen do not have to do so for longer than 3 months. Once we are in the new property, we will focus on increasing our capacity by recruiting more therapists to continue to carry out the good work we are doing and therefore reduce the waiting time to access our services.