What if I can’t attend  my session?

You will need to contact Rephael House as soon as you know you are not going to be able to attend a session and we will inform your counsellor. If you are unable to attend your appointment we will still require you to cover the cost of your counselling session no matter how far in advance you cancel, as we are not able to offer the space to anyone else and the sessional cost remains at £45. However, as you will have been informed in your first session, we agree to three weeks payment break but only one of these weeks can be taken in the first six months of counselling. This is to allow the relationship to form without breaks. It is advisable that the payment breaks are not taken before the review session or retrospectively.


If two counselling sessions are missed without prior notice or contact being made, we will be unable to hold the session open for you and it will be offered to someone else on the waiting list.


You will be responsible for payment for these missed session. It is important that if you do not wish to continue that you please call or email us so that we are able to place someone else in your slot and we do not run at a financial loss as a not for profit charity. 

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