How will I know the counselling is working?

At Rephael House we ask you to fill in two different forms during the first five weeks of your counselling which asks you questions about your feelings, sense of well-being and how the issues you are facing are affecting you in your everyday life. We also ask you to complete these forms in the middle of your therapy and again at the end. These forms clinically measure your mental health and progress but your counsellor will also talk with you about how you feel in yourself and if you feel it would be useful for you to carry on with the therapy.


Usually you have your own sense of change in your life but these forms often show you in real terms what is different for you.


Clients have reported better relationships with family and friends, ability to concentrate better or manage stress better, as well as a decrease in the use of alcohol or self-harming behaviours, better work performance, school attendance and a general feeling of well-being; which all show that counselling is working. 

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