How can counselling help?

When life becomes difficult to manage, talking through your problems with a counsellor can give you the support you need to find a way forward. Sometimes talking to friends or family is not enough, especially if some of your problems may be with them. A counsellor is not going to judge you and is outside your life situation and can help you to come to terms with and manage difficulties in your life.


We aim for you to build a safe, supportive relationship with your counsellor so that you can express and explore your feelings and help you work towards a clearer understanding of yourself. 


The counselling we offer is integrative which means we don’t work from any one counselling model but our work is informed by psychodynamic theory and a person-centred way of being. We strongly believe that a good therapeutic relationship is the best medium for change to take place.


We also provide Art and Play Therapy. 

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