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We offer a cost an effective, bespoke, professional and robust in-school counselling service for which we provide experienced and qualified counsellors/ play therapists.


 We recommend play therapy for children aged 4- 11years (Primary) and counselling for young people aged 11 - 19 years (Secondary)


We believe counselling is an intervention that is entered into voluntarily by the child or young person if they want to address and overcome issues that are causing them emotional distress. A counselling relationship is developed within the framework of identified boundaries and other contractual terms whether with the young person or for those under 16 with the parent/carer or teacher.


Many of our schools use their pupil premium to fund a counselling service as they believe that it will have a positive impact on pupils’ engagement in learning. However, some use the national SEN budget to provide services across a number of pupils identified as having social, emotional and mental health needs.


Rephael House offers a whole service approach which inturn meets with all the criteria outlined in the government taskforce report. We work closely with the school/college to ensure best practice. 


As well as the taskforce report out lining the blue print for school mental health services they also produced a report on mental health and wellbeing for children and young people and this recognised the crucial role that schools can play in helping to support good mental health and in identifying and preventing mental health issues in children and young people. We can help you meet this government lead goals. 



To find out more or sign-up for the service, please contact Julia by Emailing ~

Telephone ~  020 8440 9144


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