Pregnancy Crisis Counselling Service

 Who is this service for?


Many parents experience what used to be called ‘the baby blues’ following the birth of a baby. However, for some this feeling can continue and get worse. It can be accompanied with anxiety, sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed and inadequate. Some parents feel that they cannot be a good enough parent or that their baby does not bond with them and it can be hard to talk about these feelings without concern that others will judge you.


Other people may struggle with their feelings around an unplanned pregnancy. They may have difficult issues in their relationship or personal life which makes it hard to feel happy about becoming pregnant.


 How can counselling help? 


Counselling can give you support and help to understand what is happening to you and discover why you might be feeling this way. In the case of postnatal illness, it can help you to have a safe and confidential place to explore all your feelings and find helpful ways of you becoming the parent you hope to be for your baby.


Counselling for postnatal illness and pregnancy issues


For those struggling with pregnancy issues, we can help you talk about your circumstances and explore your options. Counselling is not an instant ‘fix’ but for some it offers an opportunity to start thinking about the choices available to you.


How do I get to see a counsellor?


If you would like to see a counsellor please fill in the form on the Contact us page

Telephone - 020 8440 9144

Text your name and the service you require to 07922 141 392.


We will then arrange for you to speak to our Clinical Services Manager who will take further details and either place you on our waiting list or book you an appointment. We try to offer a first appointment within four weeks but this depends on your availability as well as sessions available. 




For information regarding fees please click this link 


Pregnancy Crisis Information Leaflet
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