History Of Rephael House 

The history 


In 1994, the idea of a pregnancy crisis and counselling centre was born. At that time Rosemary and Dermot Decker-Thomas were managers of The Bridge, a Christian coffee shop in New Barnet, which was based in, and served, the local community.


Rosemary had begun her initial training as a counsellor as she, Dermot and the staff were constantly being asked for help by a variety of regular customers as well as ‘drop-ins’. This was evidence that this type of service was well needed within this area. Emotional support of any kind was very unusual in the 90's but this did not change the fact it was very much needed. Unfortunately, the coffee shop was not able to continue operating as it was struggling financially. It was decided the residual monies from the coffee shop would be transferred to a new charity, Rephael House Trust, and the counselling centre was born.


The premises, orginally at 42b Station Road in New Barnet, had previously been a GP surgery and was in urgent need of repair however, Dermot made an offer to the owners of 42 which was accepted and Rephael House Counselling Centre began to take shape. 


Everyone who worked at or for the centre was a volunteer to begin with, it wasn’t until a few years after the service was established that a grant was received which enabled the charity to pay some salaries. 


Rephael House was initially linked to CARE, and organise which ran pregnancy crisis centres, and being open for a while Rosemary felt that she would like to expand into other areas of need, such as domestic abuse and support for young people.


Since we were officially opened on 16th June 1997 we have gone from strength to strength and are now able to offer  ~


An in-house counsellor in 6 local schools/colleges

A play therapy service

A young peoples therapy service

Domestic Abuse counselling

Counselling to anyone who has experienced the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child of any age. 

A fully funded Saturday Service ~ Aged 4 - 19yrs

Free short term therapy in Hatfield, Hertfordshire


As a charity we would not be able to offer these services without the generosity of our friends, funders and fundraisers.


We continue to apply for on going funding and hold events in order for us to be able to offer a low cost professional service. 


For service enquiries or commissioning our service email Anesta: ceo@rephaelhouse.org.uk

For appointments email Julia: csm@rephaelhouse.org.uk

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